Dresden Zouk Weekend, May 18-20, 2012

When we have finally made it to Dresden from Prague, we have parked near the hear of the city – as the ‘barbecue destination address’ given to us was showing on the GPS… This was the beginning of a whole lovely weekend with great people and dancers.

We finally made it to Dresden and set off to search for the barbecue spot, as per directions given to us by one of the organizers…

A few quick clicks of the city center on the go…


Isn’t she a cutie!

Clouds over Dresden 1

Clouds over Dresden 2

Clouds over Dresden 3

Clouds over Dresden 4

Clouds over Dresden 5

Clouds over Dresden 6

Clouds over Dresden 7. By this time, we have found out that the address given to us was wrong and were headed the right way – across the river from the old city center :).

Finally at the barbecue! We had some nice grilled foods and some dancing outside before proceeding to the Friday night party.

Lean back! Posing for the final pictures before going off to the party :).

See if you can find me here 🙂

Posing 🙂

I hope he won’t drop me!

A fountain on the riverside

Saturday afternoon, catching tan at the riverside bar.

A bit later on: still chillin’!

Incoming missile! Ludek on the radar 🙂

Flight of the bumble Ludek safely concluded with a soft and cuddly landing 🙂

Dancing Zouk on 2 square meters between chairs and tables? Sure, why not! 🙂 Good warm-up before the Saturday party!

My spaghetti FINALLY arrived. It was nice, but made me suffer a great deal later that night 😦 .. I think I ate just a bit too much of it and thought I won’t be able to move at all in the beginning of the party!

Sunday brunch at the Mexican grill – happy Zoukeiros 🙂

Well… I kind of had it coming – they were taking a lovely picture and I totally crashed it with a silly face and pose i made behind them :)…

Still alive! Dancers are a forgiving bunch, so I was eventually let go with a warning :D.

Armed and dangerous… Don’t underestimate the girl power!

Loca! The flashmob after the brunch – it was a great success :). Videos of the flashmob are available here and here.

The Zouk part of the flashmob.

We retrieved to the monument we originally met at and decided to dance a bit more in the sun. The knight was upset that he was unable to perform his street act because people were watching us dance…

Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay for the sight-seeing part of the day due to the car issues. This means that detailed pictures of the city are due next time :). More pictures from the entire Dresden Zouk weekend can be found here and here.

However, due to our early departure we were able to make it to another flashmob – in a different country! This time it was a Reggaeton/Salsa one for the Prague Latino Festival at Rudolfinum – a weird choice of a place because there was practically no audience there to surprise (although a few passers-by gathered up as it went on).

I then had a great night dancing at Obcanska Plovarna as a closure to a great weekend :).

It was great fun dancing with Karuk and others! More pictures from the night can be found here and here.


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