Berlin Zouk Congress 2012 – so hot you’re on fayah!

Something seems to always be happening in Berlin at any given time. It may or may not be related to any type of dancing, but the city definitely has a load to offer! Make sure to see the city from the bike and venture out beyond the regular tourist routes! (Pictures from my 2-week stay in Berlin in 2009 coming up very soon!).

This time around it was the 2nd International Zouk Congress on June 8-10, 2012. I didn’t make it to volume 1 last year, so I was curious to see how it will go this time around.

After a smooth drive all the way from Prague, we have arrived to Berlin early Friday evening, giving me enough time to settle down in the hostel, shower, eat and even nap :). The party was held in Angleterre hotel near Checkpoint ‘Charlie’ and the atmosphere closely resembled a sauna.

Unlike in real England, it was mega hot and humid in here!

It remained this way when we moved to the Ballhouse for the Saturday and Sunday nights. However, that (and a pretty sticky floor on Friday night) aside, it was a great event. The party animals could enjoy dancing till breakfast time – now THAT is what I call value for money for party pass purchasers like myself! Many great dancers came to the congress and specifically the Saturday night shows were out of this world.

On Sunday night Jan (the organizer) took hold of the mic some time in the middle of the night and made an epic announcement that “the party was officially supposed to be finishing at about 4am… But fuck it!

It finished closer to 8am instead – by that time we were already finishing our breakfast at the only open nearby café with several other dedicated zoukeiros.

We made this place a lot of business on both Sunday and Monday mornings!

If this year is any indication of what to expect, it may well be that Berlin will make it to my list of ‘definitely attend’ congresses of each year :).

Good times in Berlin :). Till next year!

A load more pictures from this congress (and others) can be found on Berg’s Facebook here:


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