1st Moscow International Zouk and Samba Congress, June 29-July 1, 2012 – all the ladies in da house!

My summer was full of unexpected events, and the Moscow Zouk Congress was one of those. I mean, the congress itself was, obviously, an expected event – but I didn’t think I would be going there. That was until my mother, after sending me to Italy on last minute notice, summoned me to Moscow for a special financial seminar – on the same exact weekend as the congress.

Good thing is that I got to know about the congress dates a couple of days before packing – I thus made sure I had my dancing shoes (or what’s left of them 😀 ) with me. I planned to go to the warm-up party on Thursday and maybe to Friday or Saturday one of the congress, but I got back home late from my sister’s mom’s birthday and missed the pre-party…

Therefore, I made sure to arrive early on Friday evening:

Extra points if you find me 😀

I discovered that there were roughly twice as many girls as there were guys! What’s wrong with you, gentlemen? We have the most beautiful ladies in Russia and you let them stand alone?! Besides, it was a bit difficult to get my dance on due to males shortage :D.

Found myself one from the Netherlands 😀

Almost the color I wanted to have – maybe next trip to the hairdresser’s will get me there 😀

Nevertheless, I was lucky to catch some of the great dancers because, ya know, being an absolute Zouk addict I came early, left when the party ended, actually ended up coming on Saturday as well, and that all despite the fact that I had to get up at 8am on both Saturday and Sunday mornings, which in practice meant I didn’t sleep for 2 days… (actually 3, but oh well…).

Especially fond memories go to Joseph Koniak-Collis (Solange’s husband and partner) – best dance everrrrr!!! – and Jefferson Dadinho – new to me, but I like yo style :). I also managed to get myself into two or three ‘rodas’ so to speak (partner-swap sessions) so I was ‘tossed around’ between most of the Brazilian instructors, and one time got to dance as a lead switching girls – even got my hands on Renata Pecanha :). Didn’t get through to Jorge, unfortunately – he literally had a line of girls waiting to dance with him on both nights! Also missed William – yet again (for, like, the empth congress :). It’s always him going “HEEEEYYYY!!! Great to see you! Let’s dance tonight, it’s been a while!” then performing a disappearance act for the rest of the night :D).

But oh well – excess of girls has a few small advantages, too – I found myself a couple of very cute ‘guinea pigs’ to experiment on :).

Cute Guinea piggy 🙂

Practicing moves 🙂

I never properly learned to lead, so it’s pure experiments, but the other lovely girl I danced with for some reason put me on her “most favorite partners” list :D. Phew – I guess I’m doing SOMEthing right, even though I actually have no idea WHAT I’m doing :D. But I must say it was easier than trying to come up with stuff to do for like 4 songs in a row at Prague Congress!

I’d say the parties could end an hour later next year so that people won’t have to take taxis or wait around for public transport to start running, and some special encouragement is needed to attract more guys in :). Other than that, even though I was left without sleep, it was a great success for the 1st try – way to go, Marcelo and Irina!

More pictures from the congress here.


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