Salsa and Zouk Beach Festival in Scheveningen, July 6-9, 2012

Breathtaking sunsets greeted us every evening at the beginning of the parties and I, of course, didn’t have the camera with me… One great reason to invest one day into a proper smartphone!

Scheveningen SBF is a cozy and fun event, although pretty warm (but this is usual for most congresses 🙂 ) and I’m always happy to come :). I got to dance with my favorite partners and discovered a couple of new ones to add to that list – woohoo! :).

Unlike last years, this time my friends and I had a bit of occasional but very strong “wtf?” feelings at some of the songs that were played – especially in the very beginning of the parties around 9-10pm, and some that were played during the shows… Did someone forget to mention to some of the DJs that mega-cheesy zouk love songs with almost no beat whatsoever and high-pitched voices are NOT the same “zouk” that the dancefloor was intended for?.. Thankfully, it wasn’t going on all night, but there were quite a few moments this year that made us stare in disbelief going “just where the hell did they pull THIS crap out from to play?”… All due respect to the zouk-love style and culture, but it’s just not our cup of tea, coffee, or just about anything…

Actually, what is it with the worldwide crazy/inappropriate music epidemic? I mean, it’s not catastrophic just yet – but seems to be headed there at fast speed… I start thinking that someone’s out there to piss off the Lamba-Zouk dancers enough to get them to abandon the dance and return back to Salsa schools or something… Newsflash: not gonna happen. You can’t dictate to us what to like. We love THIS dance. And the dance we love, even though it has some of its roots in the Martinique zouk love rhythms, is NOT compatible with that music. The only thing you can ever accomplish by playing such stupidly inappropriate music at festivals is losing the money from all the people who would eventually give up on attending. Oh but we won’t swap over to other events – we’d just spend more time and money on local parties with good DJs and selected congresses with better music. YOUR loss if you invite zouk-love/kizomba DJs over. Just so you know.

That being vented, as usual (and I’ll keep at it until the situation changes – so far there’s a very strong lean towards playing zouk-love/Kizomba practically everywhere: STOP it!), at least it wasn’t overwhelming. I did, however, find myself sitting down much more often that I normally do – the music wasn’t inspiring. Although still, for the party pass price of 35 Euros, I got enough exercise out of the weekend :).

Probably the only picture of me from the whole event. Good news: you can’t see my face! As I’m, most likely, singing along again haha :).

Can’t go without mentioning our Sunday night dinner with Aline, Ant, Sinclair and Lloyd: I think the live band was more amused by us singing and clapping along than we were by their music :D. OLLEEE!!!

A special note on Danielle Roos debut show: whoa! I’m impressed, way to go! Great piece and damn, you’re more athletic than I am! 😀

Additionally, great thanks go to Aline Groeneveld for being kind enough to drive us back and forth and for being an awesome, fun, crazy, amazing girl! Lovely to catch up with Evelyn – you rock, guuurrrllll!!! More great thanks go to Deejay Libre – absolute pleasure to dance with you and damn shame you didn’t play more during the weekend! I have an idea, since you also like to get down on the floor and not only playing: clone yourself a few times over, give them all different names, and this way we can have awesome music play ALL weekend plus you can party too :D. Oh and also great thanks for all the Monday laughs – the result of you and Ant going down the memory lane from the original course of beatbox championships 😀 (no, really – it was perfectly logical!). I can’t help but immortalize that morning by pasting this insanely ridiculous video here, too:

As we had decided, in between laughing to the point of self-asphyxiation, the cast goes as follows:

Featuring: Asian dude with superman cape Anthony Brega ZoukStylez, Fan guy Emmani Nascimento, dude with paddles Anthony Lee, blond chick on the side Marlous van Herten, Brainy Brunette next to her Leah InShade, flower hippie kung fu master Deejay Libre, and Kwok Wan Naughty Wan at 02:45, plus an AWESOME death scene by Sinclair Crawley at  ‎03:56. Teach me, master!

Maybe anyone else won’t find it as crazily funny as we did, but I haven’t laughed like this in a looooooooong time!

Hope to see the whole crew next year again! You guys were a blast! LOVE AND HUGS! (We should do all that more often than once a year, methinks 😉 )

The rest of the pictures from the weekend can be found here.


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