Prague Samba Zouk Congress, 2012

The Prague Samba and Zouk Congress lasted for 4 days. I must say that, above all, I expected slightly more people. I guess it is getting harder and harder to attract a large number of people because there are so many congresses around Europe but the Zouk scene is not huge enough yet to ensure maximum attendance for every event… The music was a bit up-and-down. Nevertheless, it was still a lovely congress and the shows were really great :). On the last night I even fell victim to the Sunday special craziness session (see the end), so everything ended on a really fun note. Much more has been going on around and after the congress, however, and you can read about it here. In the meantime, here are the shows (in random order):

Leo & Robertinha

Dadinho & Suelen

David & Sarah

Kadu & Larissa

Rodrigo & Karina

Leo Fortes 1

Leo Fortes 2

Kadu & Larissa

Dadinho & Suelen

Rodrigo & Karina

Trying to stay out of Sofie’s line of vision to avoid being dragged into the competition…

Someone tipped her off and she got me…

I did NOT agree to this, rrrrrrrrr!

We were supposed to parody this bit of choreography:

And, of course, it didn’t end well…

Popular poll suggested we actually won, but the prize was awarded to a different couple – they had more friends and those were louder… There is never any justice in such competitions!

And voila – this was the Prague Samba and Zouk Congress 2012 for me :).


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