Zouk and the Chocolate Factory, Lloret del Mar 2012: it’s showtime!

It was the first time that I watched a film as ‘homework’ for a congress dress code and still had no clue, but that eventually got sorted :). Here are my retrospective thoughts on the congress…

First of all, I find it a wonderful idea to have the combination passes that include accommodation and food as well as the selected congress pass. It allows everyone to stay together in the same hotel, saves the trouble of trying to find where to stay and cuts the costs, so big kudos for the approach!

Registration :). Note: (c) on pictures belongs to their respective authers.

Great parties with great people weren’t a surprise, of course. There also seemed to be a decent amount of space in the main hall even on the main (Saturday) night. We all had a great deal of fun and I sure hope to be able to make it this year as well :).

Night-night, sleep tight… (Friday)

Saturday night party

Although I’d refrain next time from throwing any type of candy onto the floor though – it may be sweet, but the candy stuck to both the floor and the shoes pretty badly, and judging by the sticky patches in the same exact places, the floor probably wasn’t washed all weekend.

Presumably, the 2013 congress may be at another venue where the parties could begin earlier, which would be lovely, of course. I wonder what prompted the change from the year 2011, where parties began with the shows? When we started this late (around midnight), it was frustrating to warm up, then sit through the shows, then warm up again only to get ‘into the groove’ right by the time the party was over :). So a quick shout to all congress organizers: if the parties at your congress have to start very late, please consider starting them directly with the shows – then let us dance for the rest of the night :). In my general opinion, the shows should be over by 1am in any case, whatever the program. It really cuts the party up if they start/finish later and results in unnecessary frustration (Sunday was the best example of that).

Sunday party: you’re under arrest!

But anyway, timing aside… This was also the congress where Jakub and I ended up doing our own little show as well (huge thanks to Dani and Leticia for letting us do it – it was sure a fun experience!).

The story goes like this: one fine day I had a choreography (in parts) pop into my head. This in and of itself was an extraordinary event, as I’m normally not the type of a person to imagine stuff like this. But here it was in my head. Together with a frustrating desire to actually try it out – for no other reason that to, basically, try it out :). There was one little issue: I had no dance partner.

I’ve asked a few people, but it didn’t work out. Then another fine day (well, night) at the ZoukTime congress in Brno I ambushed an unknown to me before but very talented dancer by, after a few dances, asking if he won’t want to do a show together. To my surprise, Jakub bravely agreed (poor thing! lolll).

My out-of-hand travel schedule left little time for practice, but we managed to put the piece together and originally it was scheduled for Breda in October. That, however, didn’t happen in the end. I was very upset because Jakub only traveled there because of the show and would not have gone otherwise. Not like it’s the cheapest way to spend a weekend. I just hope he at least enjoyed the event!

Then came Lloret del Mar. It was written in the program that amateur dancers could perform on Sunday. I thought, well, that’s the correct category for us and plus the number already exists, so why not. That, except for us two, none of people who performed that night were, strictly speaking, amateurs (some were assistant teachers for the Spiral dancers, others were congress organizers elsewhere etc) was a surprise. I thought this was meant to be more for the fun of it and I’m not sure I would have tried to fit in between actual dancers if I knew about it ahead of time…

But fate had it that we didn’t know, so by the time we were waiting behind the scenes on Sunday it was way too late to bail out. Oh well :). At least by finally doing the show the frustrating, annoying buzz in my head of “I wanna try this idea out!” was satisfied and now I’m cured, so I can focus on other stuff :). I only wish we could stick to the original schedule because we basically missed the whole Sunday party – 1st part by getting ready and simply waiting there behind the curtains for way too long. The show block thus finished outrageously late, too, leaving us all only a couple of hours for the actual dancing.

But it was still fun, including all the last-minute changes (up until the time of waiting behind the curtain) :). So this was, in short, my story from that congress and below is the result of our home-made experiments with Jakub on the theme of ‘story vs. dance’ piece we put together (video at the end). I tried to put together a raw, brutal piece that showed a struggle between a creator and his creation that he didn’t know how to deal with, where his emotions progressed from curiosity to frustration to despair. Basically in line with the song (“What I’ve Done” by Linkin Park). Sorry about the hair on my face btw – I listened to someone’s advice that simple mousse would be enough to hold it up. I’d be wiser next time and do as I originally planned to – fix it with elastics :).




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