Amsterdam International Zouk Congress 2013: The Madhouse.

My presence at the AZC 2013 was semi-accidental, as I was not planning to come. However, my friends planned a trip to Scandinavia, I wanted to tag along, and Amsterdam was (sort of…) on the way… Thus, as it often is in my case, the last minute decision was made to actually go again, and so I ended up at the Congress yet again.

(The rest of the stories/links to picture galleries from my stay in the Netherlands this time and from the Scandinavian Saga can be found here btw)

I have to say this year it was definitely the people who made the event special – namely, the people who allowed us all to crash over at their house (Carlos and Yasmin – you RULE!!! I can’t express how grateful we are for all you guys have done for us!), the people who stayed in the ‘madhouse’ (lovely, cool, weird, awesome, chilled, fun and generally great collection of gals and lads), and a few other select individuals from the inner insanity circle :). Other than that, the congress was okay. It was an interesting concept to have half-hour DJ sets – I think it created a very good mixture of music styles and catered to all tastes very well, so kudos to that. There were a few shows though that seemed to have been there only because of mutual congress promotion and not necessarily because of the excellence of the shows, but at least the talking was kept to a minimum and everyone went through the program without unnecessary delays (minor technical issues don’t count as ‘unnecessary delays’ – no one can foresee stuff like that 🙂 ).

We warmed up on Thursday evening at the open air party, then some more at Brasa, and then came the congress weekend, which I had spent with other 9 insane individuals in the same house…

Friday night was kicked off rather innocently by a dinner, a few relaxed drinks and preparation for the fantasy theme. I just recently happened to have watched a documentary about the Geisha training, and since it was a) a super easy theme and b) fitting the concept (because, after all, the job of a Geisha is to create a fantasy setting for the clients she is entertaining), it was an easy theme to pick :).

(note: (c) to all images belongs to their respective authors – Berg Chabot and Bruno Kongawoin)

Dancing with a beautiful fairy

Ailton is looking very suspicious for some reason…

Kung fu with the master 😀

Best picture of that night :D. The master of photobombing his own portrait!!!

On Saturday I only realized how high the cuts on my leggins go after I put them on… It was too late to do anything about it, so I had to pretend that it was meant to be that way 😀



Shakalakalakalaka in youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!

Saturday night went on beyond the actual party time, as we had a very lovely afterparty at the madhouse dancing, laughing, chatting and enjoying the atmosphere.

And then came the highlight of the congress: Sunday. Some of our crew managed to wake up during the day and went to the city, where they discovered very special t-shirts in Brazilian colors of yellow and green… It was immediately decided that we would get 10 of those t-shirts for the 10 of us staying together that weekend, so we spent the evening creatively cutting and fixing our outfits. We had so much fun! It was great that even the guys got right into the creative mood and modified their t-shirts as well! The end result was brilliant, as well as the madhouse dwellers’ group pictures we asked Berg to take:

The (relatively) normal photo of ‘the crew’

The fun photo

The ‘copying the t-shirt design’ photo 😀 😀 😀

As Berg put it, this is me after meeting a tiger in the woods 😀

A-la ballet 😀 😀 😀

Wrong hands…. lolllll


It was great to see everyone again, although I’m still very much unhappy about the 3am party deadlines and if it’s going to stay the same, unless some very very special people that I can’t see elsewhere will come to Amsterdam next year (guys, let’s go elsewhere to some congress that goes on longer!!!), I will probably have to skip it in favor of a different event with a better number of dance-hours per party.


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